We need your help

The festival can only exist and prosper if it finds donors to support its action. All donations make a difference and are vital to allow our amazing musicians to keep sharing their passion and bring incentives to amateurs from all over the world to resume playing music, or just keep practicing it.

If you too would like to support Les Amateurs virtuoses ! / Pianestival, you can make a donation and become:
  • Friend of the festival, for any amount between 30 and 99 € per year
  • "Prelude" member, for any amount between 100 and 499 € per year
  • "Sonata" member, for any amount between 500 and 999 € per year
  • "Concerto" member, for any amount between 1000 and 2999 € per year
  • "Concerto Prestige" member, for 3000 € per year or more

Donations from 100 € allow you to become a member of the Pianestival non-profit organization and entitle you to attend our annual meetings – and therefore be part of the decision making.

For musicians performing in the festival, the yearly membership costs 70 €. Please bear in mind that participants in the festival are subject to a strict selection and that membership does not automatically entitle anyone to play in the festival.

All members benefit from special prices (10 € per concert and 17 € for the closing concert) to all concerts of the Parisian festival. They can also benefit from the "Festival Pass" for 35 € (the pass gives free access to all concerts and masterclasses except the closing concert).

"Sonata" and "Concerto" members benefit from reserved seats at the front row. "Concerto" members are granted with a 2-person invitation to the closing concert. In addition to the above privileges, "Concerto Prestige" members will be invited to special encounters, events, or private meetings.